I have to admit that time has changed a lot, a lot. Some things, you really don't see, see, heartache; some people, you really don't understand, understand, hurt. Life, is a kind of muddle headed, a fuzzy. Say to understand not to understand, say to be clear not to be clear, muddleheaded, contain to contain muddleheaded. See, trouble, understand, sad. Can not see clearly, a relaxed, a peaceful. Things in the world are too difficult to deal with. People in the world like to deal with them. Some things, quite a bit, passed. Some people forget when they are cruel. Some bitterness, smile, will be released. Have a heart, hurt a wound, strong. In the world, no matter who you are, no matter you are a senior official or a poor person; no matter how hard you are, no matter you are diligent, you will never be satisfied with everything, everything is going well, there will always be regrets, there will always be pain, life will not be perfect, hard work, it is also no regrets. The tears on the face are always dry; the tears in the heart are always difficult. We always smile in front of the world, and show our joy to our neighbors. There is pain in the heart, tears in the heart. No matter how hard it is, I will bear it quietly alone; no matter how much sorrow I have, I will bear it silently. Some people, you can approach, but can't make friends, you will feel heartache; some things, you can participate, but can't fall in love, fall in love, you will suffer. Joy and sorrow in life, used to show joy, used to cover up suffering. It's not that you don't want to talk, it's that you're afraid of not being recognized, and that difficulties are always in your heart. Life is inseparable from joy and pain. Perhaps, in another year, we can remember, or many of the pain, because we are in the process of suffering, and gradually become strong and confident, it is pain, and temper our hearts. There is a kind of burden that can be lifted and put down; there is a kind of burden that can be lifted and put down. Life, there are always too many entanglements, let us helpless; there are always too many ways, let us have nothing to do. Good, others slander you; honest, others use you; weak, others bully you; successful, others envy you. The most perplexing thing in life is that no one understands you, and the most uncertain thing in life is the direction ahead. Heart, sometimes inexplicable sorrow; road, sometimes speechless difficulties.